POND'S Dream Flower Talc, 400g
POND'S Dream Flower Talc, 400g


POND'S Dream Flower Talc, 400g

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  • Get your little Sith Lord into character with this Darth Vader Costume! Featuring a mask, padded bodysuit, cape and gloves, a light-up panel on the chest is a great finishing touch.
  • Darth Vader costume All-in-one bodysuit with padded shoulders
  • Belt 3D padded belt and chest panel detail Chest panel lights up when button pressed Back velcro fastening Long cape

Product description

New and improved Pond's Dreamflower Talc is infused with fragrance like a 1000 Lillies to give you an instant burst of freshness. The formula enriched with vitamin B3, helps give you a glowing skin look. With soft and smooth micro talc that helps absorb sweat while giving you a perfume-like fragrance throughout the day.Talc, the main ingredient, is one of the softest mineral, with fine texture - found in nature, and helps to absorb the sweat. Pond’s Dreamflower talcum powder has the power of lillies that keeps you rejuvenated and fresh for 8 long hours and gives you a soft smooth skin.Perfect for summers suitable for both men and women its fresh floral formula fight body odour and bacteria. It helps absorb sweat making your skin feel soft and smooth so that you can look your beautiful self. Pond’s Dreamflower talc comes in a vibrant pack with twist-lock button (cap) for quick and easy dispensing.Use a generous amount on your body and face right after the shower in the morning and before going to bed at night for that soothing freshness.